Q&A: Inside the Lovejoy Life

With Resident Rachel Secrist

As young professionals working in Boston, Rachel and her boyfriend Kyle wanted a new home that was convenient to work, and in a vibrant area where they could dine at local restaurants, socialize with friends, and spend the weekends outside. From its lively location to unmatched services and amenities, Lovejoy Wharf has proven to be the perfect place to call home.

What attracted you to Lovejoy Wharf?

Before Lovejoy Wharf, I lived in Beacon Hill and my boyfriend Kyle was in South Boston. We both wanted to stay centrally located in Boston so that we could be close to work, and one of our requirements was to be near the water.

We love that Lovejoy Wharf is on the waterfront, and right in the heart of the city. It is fun to be near the sports action, but also next to the North End. The Harborwalk is right outside, and you can walk over the bridge to the gorgeous green space in Charlestown, Paul Revere Park, which I feel is almost a hidden gem. Having an oasis right in the city is the best of both worlds.

What drew you to this neighborhood, and what do you love about it?

We love food and sports, so having the North End right nearby is incredible, and there is that element of almost a foodie scene that we are seeing happening in our neighborhood. In addition to the restaurants that have been rooted in the North End forever, newer spots like Ward 8 and Bodega Canal are up and coming trendy places we really enjoy, and we can’t wait to have Alcove right downstairs.

In general, we love how close Lovejoy Wharf is to everything. It is easy to run along the Charles, or walk to work, and there are so many things that are convenient about the neighborhood’s central location.

Favorite neighborhood spots:

We are obsessed with Massiminos right around the corner! And for lazy coffee and breakfast, we love Cobblestone in the North End. When we want to go out for drinks, we really like Ward 8.

Favorite amenities:

The rooftop terrace is breathtaking, and I’m fully obsessed with it. Every time I go up there, I stop and pause, look at the Zakim and over to Charlestown, and it’s beautiful. We also use the waterfront fitness center often, which is more luxe than your typical gym in a condo building, and we love it!

What do you love about the Luxury Attaché concierge?

Luxury Attaché is one of the best parts about living at Lovejoy Wharf, and I can’t say enough good things about having this service. Our Attaché Meghan is super friendly and helpful, amazingly responsive and on top of her game, and she has been able to give us peace of mind.

She has helped facilitate many different conversations for us and streamline projects we are working on, such as decorating our new home. I don’t have to worry about the in between – an idea or a project starts and then she gets us to the finish line. It is just incredible.

We also cannot say enough positive things about the 24/7 concierge staff. Since the moment we moved in, their warm attitudes made us feel right at home, and they are incredible!

You love your new home because …

The vibe of our home makes us feel instantly relaxed and peaceful. My favorite part is hands down the kitchen. It’s so beautiful, and I love cooking – so it is my little Zen spot.

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