Life by Lovejoy: A Q&A with City Winery Vice President Greg Kitowicz

Our Life by Lovejoy series features key figures in our neighborhood and offers an inside look at their businesses, favorite spots in the city, and most importantly, highlights why they love this area. Less than five minutes from Lovejoy Wharf, City Winery is a wine bar, music venue, and an urban oasis all in one. Guests can sample over 80 wines including 20 selections that are produced in-house while enjoying live music and French, Middle Eastern and Spanish-inspired dishes. We sat down with Vice President Greg Kitowicz for a conversation on what this neighborhood means to him and why it is a fit for City Winery.

 Tell us about City Winery and why you chose to open in this neighborhood?

We tend to lean towards progressive moving and thinking cities, so Boston was a good fit for our fifth city. We’re a big urban winery but we incorporate new concepts such as live music and event spaces. We have a range of event spaces including our main space where we book national touring acts, the Haymarket Lounge for live music or private events, and three additional smaller event spaces that we can mix and match for your use. There’s also a 200-seat restaurant with a view into the winery, so that the whole experience is wine focused. This neighborhood feels like a spoke hub of food, art, and culture, and therefore the best home for City Winery.

What do you love most about what you do and what’s one specific example of this love in action?

I really enjoyed the process of not only building our space, but also building a community and forging new friendships in the neighborhood. The local restaurant owners and patrons have been so endearing. I get a lot of joy in shaking hands and seeing familiar faces who are going to be long-term friends.

 When I’m at the Harborwalk I feel…

When I think of the Harborwalk I think about my running routine. I take the path by Lovejoy Wharf going towards the North End because I want to be near the water.

How do you fuel up for your day?

I love the Public Market. I walk over every morning to get a cup of George Howell coffee. They know me by name now. Finding that was a real moment of joy and it solidified my morning routine.

City Winery’s main event space

 How would you define luxury?

Luxury is a freedom of expression and feeling good about yourself.

 People say that being near water has a certain magnetic pull and a certain therapeutic effect. Describe a moment when you felt that way.

Actually, I always feel that way. During the most stressful moments of building City Winery, I would grab a coffee and walk down to the water at Lovejoy Wharf and sit for ten-fifteen-twenty minutes to recharge. Water has always been home for me.

The dining space at City Winery seats 200

Would you consider yourself an explorer?

I am the ultimate explorer. I have been moving multiple times a year for years now with City Winery. I was a New Yorker for a big chunk of my adult life but I’ve lived in six cities in the past four years, and traveled to others. The part that I love about my job is that I’m constantly going to new neighborhoods and finding spots that I can call home. For example, finding nooks and crannies such as Salmagundis in the North End is a luxury.

When you return to this neighborhood after being away, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  

I’m home.


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