How to Make the Ultimate Cheese Board
  • How to Make the Ultimate Cheese Board

    How to Make the Ultimate Cheese Board

    January 20, 2019

    Here at Lovejoy Wharf, we love seeing our residents take advantage of all that Boston has to offer. For many of our residents, this prime location lends itself to being the chosen meeting spot for friends and family. Lovejoy Wharf has the best of both worlds as it is easily accessible to the North End, Seaport, Charlestown, Cambridge and many more surrounding neighborhoods, making Lovejoy Wharf the perfect place to gather before a Celtics or Bruins Game, concert at TD Garden, Italian feast at Preza, or just an afternoon exploring all that Boston has to offer.

    Our upscale condos come with amenities that make hosting easy and enjoyable. Our Luxury Attache, for example, helps our residents with anything from unloading groceries while valet parks your car, to setting up for a party, organizing catering, dinner reservations, etc. But the perfect host should always add his or her personal touch.

    Making a cheese board as a regular part of your hosting routine is a great way to impress your guests. By following these easy steps, you’ll find yourself feeling Parisian strolling down the road to Boston Public Market to pick out a baguette and cheeses. Your friends will be noshing to their hearts’ content while creating a social community you truly enjoy being a part of.

    Step 1: Where To Go
    While Boston Public Market (8-10 minute walk from Lovejoy Wharf) is a perfect one-stop shop for everything you’ll need (swing by Appleton Farms vendor stall), there are many other nearby markets you can easily venture to. North End’s Monica’s Mercato, a quick 5-minute walk from Boston Public Market, offers a variety of meats and cheeses. Other nearby neighborhood favorites include Bricco Salumeria and Harry’s Cheese and Cold Cuts.

    Step 2: The Board
    For those looking to purchase an official Cheese Board, you won’t have to venture far. Peterman’s Boards and Bowls is a vendor at Boston Public Market with a fantastic selection of handcrafted options. A true nod to New England; Spencer Peterman’s products are all made from discarded or fallen trees from New England towns. They have wonderful options such as spalted maple, ambrosia maple, black walnut, cherry, cherry burl and oak.

    Step 3: Selection
    The savory goodness that is a cheese board can serve as a starter course, the finale to a great meal, or it can spotlight as the main event at a casual gathering. Knowing you’ll likely have a variety of friends with varying tastes and preferences, you’ll want to make sure your cheese board has options for everyone.

    When choosing the cheeses, focus on covering all your milk bases: goat, cow, and sheep milk cheeses. We recommend having at least 5 difference cheeses to not only provide a delicious culinary experience but to create talking pieces for you and your friends. In addition, aim to have a mix of soft, hard, and crumbly textures. You can even have your cheese board focus on particular styles or regions.

    Step 4: The Perfect Pairings
    Though the cheese will be the star of the show, you’d be remiss to exclude some accompaniments. While you’re at Boston Public Market, check out the variety of local goods that will really make your cheese plate shine. Pick up a bottle of raw honey from Boston Honey Company, a few apples from Red Apple Farm, and roasted nuts from Q’s Nuts. Travel to the North End and pick up some Italian olives, prosciutto and a loaf of fresh bread from Bricco Salumeria. Before you head back home, don’t forget a few bottles of wine from The Wine Bottega — a mix of red and white will pair wonderfully with your cheese plate.

    Step 5: Assembly
    You can get as creative as you’d like with this choose-your-own-adventure style appetizer. Start by laying all your cheeses and accompaniments out on a cleared surface so you can see what you’ll be working with. Then spread your cheeses out on the board, making sure each cheese has some room to breathe and enough space between each to be sliced. Next, fill out your board with accompaniments such as fruits, nuts, honey, and meats.

    For inspiration, stop by Alcove – Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli’s waterfront restaurant and bar located on the first floor of Lovejoy Wharf. The restaurant offers a lovely charcuterie option featuring local meats, cheeses, and seasonal accompaniments. While you’re there, sip on a refreshing cocktail (we highly recommend the Sun Mail this time of year!) while reveling in the luxury of living your Lovejoy Lifestyle as you prepare to host your next gathering!

    If you’re ever strapped for time, no need to worry! Have your Lovejoy Attaché pick up and deliver the ingredients for your cheese board. Simply email or call 617.657.1000.

    Eager to take your Cheese Board to the next level, Formaggio Kitchen offers a variety of fantastic introductory classes including, Brave The Caves on January 27th, where the class takes place in the cheese caves beneath their Cambridge store.