Getting through the Holidays with Your Luxury Attaché
  • Getting through the Holidays with Your Luxury Attaché

    Getting through the Holidays with Your Luxury Attaché

    December 7, 2018

    For most of us, the holidays mean balancing good tidings with the many errands we face this time of year. From booking travel, shopping for gifts and entertaining, it’s no surprise that over a third of Americans describe the season as “frantic.”1 With our Lovejoy Wharf Luxury Attaché, our residents need not fear with on-site services to cover every need from A-Z. This week, we sat with Luis, our Luxury Attaché to hear how he plans, prepares and coordinates all the festive details that make for an easy holiday season.

    As a Luxury Attaché, I help residents plan their special occasions whether it’s putting together a travel itinerary or recommending the best caterers for their holiday party. Oftentimes the hardest part of planning is just getting started so I’m always ready to share suggestions and make personal recommendations on how to make the occasion special. I’ve helped residents plan everything from date nights to even bigger moments like baby showers and it’s always my favorite part of the job. My most recent request included planning a resident’s Christmas vacation and coming up with gift ideas for everyone on her list.

    I’m also hands-on when it comes to helping residents, especially this time of year! That can entail mailing packages, personal shopping, stocking the refrigerator and other preparations that make their lives (and holidays) that much easier. Imagine coming home to a catered dinner with flowers on the table, dry cleaning hung in the closet and your family’s gifts perfectly wrapped. It’s what we mean when we talk about worry-free living at Lovejoy Wharf!

    I’m often called upon to coordinate the moving pieces of our residents’ busy lives. Especially with events like the holiday parties I’m planning now, I make sure everyone from housekeeping to florists and caterers are well coordinated so residents can focus on the festivities while I do the rest.

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