Gearing Up for Spring with Lovejoy Wharf

On March 8th, Mother Nature is gifting us an extra hour of sunlight! Some may think one hour is insignificant, but we beg to differ. With arguably hundreds of different ways to utilize your extra hour, it might be hard to decide what to do. Luckily, the Lovejoy Wharf community and surrounding neighborhood offers many different activities to choose from.    


Food Culture 

Food and drinks have been at the center of great experiences and memories with friends and loved ones for as long as we’ve known it. Bring in the spring season with the ones you love over a glass of wine and delicious nosh. Grab your friends, a bottle of wine and cook up some steaks as a perfect way to unwind from the week. Or maybe you want to explore the exceptional food culture right in the neighborhood? Living just blocks away from debatably some of the best restaurants in Boston, there are plenty of different spots to try. This March, enjoy the company of friends, family, and great food. 


Explore Your Neighborhood 

With warmer weather making its way to Boston, March is the perfect time to explore the Lovejoy neighborhood. Take a stroll through the historic North End, unlock a Blue Bike and take in the Boston Harbor sights, or relax at Langone Park. Whatever you choose, there is much to explore right outside the Lovejoy doors. 


Get Outside 

The community at Lovejoy values the importance of getting outside. Working out can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors with old friends or get your butt kicked while meeting new friends in a class. Fortunately, the Lovejoy neighborhood features many different running, biking and walking paths as well as a host of different workout classes. If relaxing is more your speed, Lovejoy Wharf’s private rooftop creates a space that allows all residents to enjoy the outdoors however they please. Make sure to check out the Lovejoy calendar to stay up to date on all rooftop events! What better way to kick off the spring season than with vitamin D. 


Enjoy this March, and the extra hour, with remarkable fare, a workout, and loved ones at Lovejoy Wharf.

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