An Elevated Dining Experience: Alcove Boston

Ahhh, the simple pleasure of dining out… while dining in. Enjoy an evening with friends, surrounded by great food and drink – just steps away from home. (You don’t even have to step outside!)


Now you can make a grand entrance through our exclusive, resident-only entry from the Lovejoy Wharf lobby to your table at Alcove. Whether you want a quick cocktail after work before returning home to your residence or you are celebrating a special moment with friends and family, Alcove is the place to be. 


Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, a restaurant industry veteran, opened the restaurant in the spring of 2018. He’s always thought of opening his own place, and the Alcove was the perfect mix of location and concept for him to make his dream a reality. 


As a resident of Lovejoy Wharf, you can enjoy priority reservation service (that your Luxury Attaché will place for you) so you can see for yourself why Alcove continues to make the top ‘Best of’ lists in Boston’s food scene.


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