A Day in the Life at Lovejoy Wharf

With so many perks, it’s easy to get excited about living at Lovejoy Wharf. From morning workouts at the waterfront fitness center to evening sunsets on the roof deck, everyday is tailored to your lifestyle. Two couples give us an inside look in their day-to-day life and how they take advantage of the prime living spaces and the location. 


Brian & Michele


How does living at Lovejoy Wharf elevate your morning routine? 

Living at Lovejoy has been very convenient for our early morning runs. We get the best of both worlds being able to choose between a run along the beautiful wharf or in Lovejoy Wharf’s state-of-the-art waterfront fitness center. Afterwards, we pop right next door for a cup of Night Shift coffee.


Are there certain things about living at Lovejoy Wharf that makes your day a little bit easier compared to your previous apartment?

One of the most exclusive perks when living at Lovejoy Wharf is the Luxury Attaché, the personal concierge service. It makes things so much easier, from wine-delivery to collecting our dry cleaning. It’s wonderful because no matter what it is they can handle it–even booking flights!


What do you like to do around the building when you have some extra time?

We take advantage of the beautiful Lovejoy Wharf roof deck. We usually bring a glass (or two!) of wine to enjoy with friends and neighbors. We also use the grills, open year-round, to make delicious meals with local neighborhood food.


You’re surrounded by so many delicious restaurants. What’s your favorite destination that’s close by to your home at Lovejoy Wharf? 

Hands down, it’s Alcove, right downstairs! The food is amazing, and the drinks are fabulous.


When the day is winding down, what’s your favorite part about the building? 

Our unit provides a great view of the sunset over the harbor, which is a wonderful end to each day. 


Tara & Eric


The day is just getting started. How does living here at Lovejoy Wharf help you begin your morning routine?  

A great workout sets a positive tone for a great day! Lovejoy Wharf has a large variety of equipment which makes working out easier and enjoyable. When we want a change of scenery, we head right next door to Row House for a full-body indoor rowing class.


What about living here at Lovejoy makes your life easier?

One of our favorite perks of living at Lovejoy Wharf is the helpful front desk concierge team, as well as the friendly door and cleaning staff. Also, the valet parking makes parking so easy, we never have to worry about looking for a spot!


What’s your favorite destination that’s close by to your home at Lovejoy Wharf? 

We both are big history buffs, so we love to spend time at various locations along the Freedom Trail! Not to mention the great food that’s in our area. We personally love stopping by Lovejoy Wharf Night Shift brewing. Whether it’s waking up in the morning with their delicious coffee or enjoying a craft cocktail in the evening, Night Shift has our favorites covered.


What do you love most about living at Lovejoy Wharf? Why?  

I love that we are so close to everything the city has to offer, yet with the water view that we have, you really have the ability to have a very serene home. It’s perfect for when you want that balance of city life and serene lifestyle. 


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